{ About us }
At Gidacom we created a pleasant work-environment, that combines intergity with professional excellence. Our dynamic team is formed of responsible leaders and employers. Therefore, we managed to obtain excellent results, which promote us among the best companies on the food market. In a continued process of development and improvement of our services, Gidacom promotes a set of rules and values characterized by:
Established in 2001 as a private company, Gidacom deals with trading both domestic and imported food products; production, processing and packaging of animal foods (chilled and/or frozen) and their temperature-controlled logistics. “We are what we do every day.
Therefore excellence is just a habit ...”
{ Services }
The delivery department of our company gives you first of all solutions, for the best times of deliveries, and nevertheless doesn’t forget about the importance of a good price for all these services. Contact us and a member of our company will give you with promptitude the accessible and proper price for your type of business, taking into account the quantities purchased, the frequency of orders, the payment terms and the distance between the storehouses. Every process of negotiation with our partners has as background a good knowledge of the intern and extern market and of the other optional prices and conditions of sells, also a good knowledge of distribution, and products from other competitors.
Our company has at the moment eight en details stores. This gives us the possibility to have a direct contact with the final buyer. These are placed in so called “hot points’ on the local area of sale, in a modern way of presentation so that the final buyer to benefit of:
• technological innovations in the field of sales spaces
• customer assistance
• optimum purchase conditions
• constant quality of the products and services
• meeting designated area's preferences and requirements
{ Production }
Sc Gidacom SRL takes interest in food safety evolution, meeting the safest international laws. Since 2013, the company is authorized by ANSV SA Romania to conduct import-export activities within European communities and no limit activities for intra-Community and national animal foods commerce. The rigurous management program in ensuring a workplace that generates products defined by safety and quality, the logistics and the best human and material resources are materialized by the All Cert Sistem certification for ISO 9001:2008 and 22000:2005 standards.
The company's agenda also comprises concrete environmental-friendly actions in a medium authorized by the national forums for environmental safety, with the main purpose water, air and soil safety in the context of producing safe products, competitive and with a justified price-quality balance.
The september 2012 workstation is located on DJ 248D, in Tomesti, Iasi and is the result of a major investment during january 2011 and september 2012, having 100% romanian funding.
• 2 frozen foods warehouses • 2 freezers
• sex based sanitar filter
• 1 chilled foods warehouse
• areas for reception ofraw materials, cutting, preparing, fast-frezing, equalizing and packaging, enclosements for auxiliar materials, shipments • offices and board room
{ Logistics }
Distribution and transport The distribution and the management of the distribution are our reliable points. These are at the bases of efficiency in our company.
The department of logistics assures the activity of imports and distribution all over Romania having a large area of sales and clients related to the segment of the market on which we function. Gidacom developed an efficient infrastructure based not only on material but also on human resources. The IT systems permit to follow step by step all the activities, and give us the possibility to assure the flexibility of the processes by correlation. The rapport price-quality, therefore, triggers to be the best possible.
The necessity of adaptability on a continuous changing market and the growing interchanges of goods between us and our partners, national and international, determined us to invest more in our parking place. Therefore at the present moment we can offer you national and international transport.
• optimum routes • short and long-term storage
• meeting shipment requirements • negotiable fees and prices
• tracking • attention for all partners
Cold storage
The storage may be equivalent with a “transport in time of the goods”. This is why it is considered an essential component of our commercial activity. The technological investment in latest refrigeration equipment, provides a high-quality standard for our products.
• Cooling equipment of highest quality, computerized control of the temperature • storage area • video monitoring
• Hydraulic ramps and modern equipment for loading, weighting and ticketing • storage capacity, freezers and refrigeration rooms
• qualified staff
{ Products }
Bonatura® Brand
A 2007 Gidacom registered trademark, Bonatura aims to win your trust with quality, price and diversity. Our organisation values it's customers and meets them with concrete offers of safe and quality animal foods. Our offers are flexible and open to customer needs and market requirements.
{ Chilled foods }
Chicken Eggs
+ Turkey breast without bone
Turkey thighs
{ Frozen foods }
Chicken Fish
+ Chicken Grill, Chicken CPG,
Chicken thighs with/without shoulders,
Chicken legs lower/upper,
Chicken breast with/without bone
Chicken liver, Chicken gizzards,
Chicken wings, canteen with or without wings, Turkey griller, Turkey thighs lower/ upper, Turkey breast without bone, Turkey wings + Cod Silver
Fillet Pangasius
Fillet Perch
Shark rings
Sea mackerel salted/vacuum
Beef & Pork Tendered
+ Beef/ Pork minced meat
Meat rolls
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